DofE Awards Evening

IMG_2431 IMG_2436 IMG_2437Last Monday a group of us got ourselves scrubbed up and off to the swanky surroundings of the Glasgow Concert Hall for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards evening, to watch 10 SiMYites get their DofE Award certificates. This was our first crop of award winners, so we were dead chuffed to head up on stage with them and receive the certificates, and even more pleased when everyone confirmed that they were all set to sign up for the next level of award.

On the night the following guys and girl got their award:

Hollie Drummond (Bronze)
James McEnhill (Bronze)
Marc Lang (Silver)
Jonathan MacAuley (Silver)
James Glen (Silver)
Declan Kergan (Silver)
Marc Carson (Silver)
Liam McIntyre (Silver)
Ibrahim Dikko (Silver)
Ryan McComish (Silver)

We’re really looking forward to supporting them through the next stage of their DofE adventure, and keen to make sure that all the other SiMYites who are nearly complete get their award finished in time for next year’s presentation.