Wild Walk – Tinto

On Saturday, we as the SIMY youth group gathered up a mixed group of seniors and juniors and brought them along for an enjoyable walk up the Tinto Hill. Tinto Hill is a fairly average height with it being just over 700 meters, so the walk was done quite quickly and only took us a couple of hours. Although there was forbidden talk of giving up, we walked up the hill, being gifted with amazing views of the greenery of Scotland and entertained the dogs with games of fetch with nearby sticks. Halfway, we decided on a spot of lunch and had a short break to lift our energy before boosting our way up to the top where we nearly blew away! The wind was strong and cold, the view was slightly misty and it sadly begun to rain, however, we made it to the top so I would call that a successful day up on Tinto Hill. Making our way down, we realised we were in the middle of a hill run, so we supported everyone who ran up and down it with big cheers and claps, praising them for their hard efforts. Upon reaching the bottom, we made it to the car park where we indulged ourselves to a nice cup of soup to heat our cold selves up as well as changing out of our kit to head into the van and begin our drive home where we will wait for our next exciting hill walk adventure.