Christmas Contact Group

Hark! The Herald angels sing!

Or…our talented carollers are singing instead as we practice and rehearse our Christmas songs for our upcoming carolling show. Last week, we got into the festive mood and spent our evening at the SIMY office in Firhill where we scoffed a boatload of Nutella, practiced our christmas carols and we used our creative skills to draw up a couple of posters for the homeless charity that we’re fundraising for. The group of carollers all got together and begun their rehearsals, deciding which songs to sing and they even added in a couple of dance moves here and there just to spice it up. Safe to say, they do have the voices of an angel.

SIMY has decided, like last year, that we plan to try our best and help raise money for the homeless around the Christmas season. We have constructed a dead set plan and have decided that we will be selling homemade Christmas gifts and go carolling where we will hopefully raise a lot of money. Yesterday, there were a few people who hadn’t wanted to sing and preferred to join the more artsy side of SIMY. So, we all decided to get a start and make posters to help raise awareness for the homeless charities. So far, every designed poster is as expected of them, brilliant. Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last long enough and we did have to go home, but I’m sure that the carollers have their work cut out for them as they need to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.