Apple Store Visit…

Recently, the SIMY youth group had a double session, we visited the trendy Buchanan Street Apple store and, afterwards, we returned to the office in Firhill to decorate biscuits and practice our Christmas carols.
The Apple store visit went by smoothly, teaching us about robotics and programming and coding. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it wasn’t, with our helpful guides to aid us in every step of the way. We learned how to control a ‘Sphero’ with the Ipads we were allowed to borrow for the session by putting in our own controls. We made shapes and changed colours and even got our Spheros to roll around a maze. We held competitions and raced them together and those who wanted to kick back and relax, were allowed to just have their Sphero roll around as they pleased.
We were delighted to receive a gift from the Apple store guides and everyone left with big smiles and a brand new memory stick bracelet. Afterwards, we headed back to the office in Firhill to help with the Christmas Carol singing. We ended up splitting into two groups though, with some of the young people preferring to decorate biscuits over singing. However, it did make for a good Christmas atmosphere, happily decorating biscuits with an excessive amount of sprinkles whilst listening to the angelic voices and jingle bells in the background. Now, all we need is an open fire to roast chestnuts on and it truly would be Christmas!