HELMET is a non-negotiable on trips. If you don’t have your own, we’ll provide you with one. If you decide to buy your own, £20-25 will buy you a good one from Alpine Bikes in Townhead Outdoor experience.

TOPS like polyester footie shirts are ideal. Avoid cotton t-shirts as they soak up lots of sweat and get cold quickly. Hillwalking base layers make excellent cheap cycling jumpers, as to UnderArmour style tops.

JACKETS that are lightweight are best for cycling. Heavy mountaineering jackets are more waterproof, but will make you sweat more.

We have some suitable jackets if you need to borrow one for the day 🙂

TROUSERS shorts for warm days with tracksuit bottoms for if it gets cold. A pair of padded cycling undershorts is a good buy to “love your bum” on longer trips

Avoid jeans or heavy cotton trousers – they will rub your legs raw if it gets wet…

SHOES any old trainers will do. Astroturf boots are ideal. Most people don’t use special cycling shoes.


LAYERING is an important technique for dressing properly for cycling. Rather than wearing one or two heavy tops, it is better to wear 2 or 3 lighter ones, which you can take on and off to keep you at a comfortable temperature. If you have a top that is pretty close fitting, wear that next to your skin, then put one or two more layers on top. For most biking trips we run, 1 or 2 layers, and one of our windproof jackets on top, will keep you comfortable without you getting all sweaty!