Why Do the DofE?


Good night last night with the Silver DofE groups, who were working on the plans for their summer expeditions. Going on expedition is about more than just going for a long walk – each journey has to have a point to it, so each group has to come up with a project they want to complete as they go.

It’s important that these projects involve activities that interest the group members, and that they want to do. Our groups have been working on these projects for the last couple of weeks, and have come up with some really creative ideas, based on what they want to get out of the DofE as a whole. These ideas from our three silver groups are around “making music”, “photography” and “measuring the effects of the expedition on the group”.

Now that winter is almost over, we’ll soon be moving on to some outdoor training with the groups, covering stuff like navigation, cooking, camping and so on.

If you’re interested in doing the DofE award, get in touch with us by email at HUB@simycommunitydevelopment.co.uk, or via the Facebook page