DofE … Exams are (almost) over!

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Now that the bulk of the exams are past, and people are starting to wonder what they’re going to be doing for the next couple of months, we thought we’d remind you that a lot of you have a DofE expedition to get ready for.

We’ll have a list of the various training sections you have to complete available from tonight. The work you’ve already done on map reading and route finding will count towards that training. You can’t take part in an expedition until you’ve completed all the training, and we’re sure that you’re ready to undertake the challenge. All the kit you need for the expedition will also be listed, and you’ll be able to borrow pretty much everything you need at the time. Obviously if you want to buy bit and pieces yourself; like boots or a sleeping bag, you’re more than welcome, but there’s no need to have any specialist kit in order to take part.

Some of the training we’ll be able to do locally; either in the building or nearby, but some of it will involve evenings or occasionally days away with the rest of your group. Everyone will need to take part in at least one practice expedition before the real thing, and we’ll have the chance to practice camping and other skills at Camas if your going along.

If anyone has any questions about the expedition, or the DofE in general, then speak to one of the leaders as soon as you can.