Camas Summer Residential 2013

“just back home from a week away on an island with no electricity, limited hot water etc – come home to all the gadgets I could ask for yet I want to be back on Mull already. People and friends is all I need to get by, without that life is just full of pointless technology to keep us on the edge of boredom and insanity”P1020623

Thus spake Carson the Wise after we’d come back from the young adults’ group summer residential at the Camas Centre on Mull. We had a terrific week, with some excellent weather and a really great atmosphere around the place.

This is the second time we’ve been to Camas with this group, and it was really encouraging to discover that the centre staff were looking forward to us coming back – the SiMY crew had made a really positive impression on their initial visit, and enhanced that on this trip with their positive attitude and willingness to engage constructively with whatever was going on. It managed to rain on the evening we spent wild camping on the beach, but people took that glitch in their stride and got on with the business of having a good time!

Although we packed a lot into each day, there was plenty of space throughout the week for people to chill out, to chat and reflect on what their experience. Meal times were a leisurely affair, offering folks lots of time for sharing stories and finding out a bit more about each other. Although we’ve not seen everyone’s formal feedback as yet, the impression from the chat on the way home was that everyone found it a positive experience, and there’s a real keenness to organise another trip for next year.

“I just want to be back in Camas sitting round the camp fire, singing songs, eating marshmallows and having amazing banter with my mates”