Pedal for Scotland 2013

It’s that time of year again, when last year’s chafed buttocks are just a dim memory, and the glory of cycling across the finishing line at Murrayfield still fills your heart with pride.

If you want to subject your tushy to 47 miles of  ever increasing pain this time round, then time is fast running out to get signed up for it. We’ve organised transport in Edinburgh, but there’s not much time for a practice ride, so people will have to decide if they’ve got the basic fitness to cycle what is a pretty flat 47 mile route to Edinburgh. There’s a few food stops on the way, where you can take a break, although stopping for too long runs the risk of your legs stiffening up…

It will cost £17.50 to register for the event, plus another £10 for transport. Ideally, people need to bring their registration money by Tuesday – we can collect contributions for transport on the day.

For more information, see here –

If you want any advice, have a chat with Neil