It’s nearly Spring, so it must be biking time!


It’s nearly the beginning of March, the Easter school holidays are so near you can almost taste them and that can mean only one thing –  it’s time for us to blow the dust off the SiMY bikes and get them ready for the dry trails and sunny weather that’s sure to come our way!

This year, we have some exciting news about the biking – I can’t say too much until it’s official on the 10th March, but we’ve partnered up with another organisation which means a whole bunch of carefully selected SiMYites are going to have the chance to take their biking to a whole new level. If you’ve signed up to the DofE programme, then you’ll be able to use your biking for that as well.

If you fancy stretching your legs on the bikes this summer, want to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors, then give Neil a shout and let him know. In the meantime, keep checking the Facebook page for more news…