DofE Expedition Training

We had quite a burst of activity over the Easter holidays, with several groups going out on overnight trips to practice the cooking, camping and rucksack carrying skills. We had quite a mix of weather over the two weeks, with one group getting an absolutely stunning night under a full moon, while some of the other groups were gently lulled to sleep by the sound of persistent rain on canvas!

Lots of meals were cooked – several were burned, one or two were spilled. Lots of sweeties and juice were carried in rucksacks and consumed overnight, lots of empty wrappers were carried out again. We discovered some of the 2 person tents were designed with hobbits in mind, and that keeping your socks dry really is the best option for a comfortable days walking.

Between now and the summer holidays, we’ll be working on improving all those skills, and planning our practice expeditions, and then it’s on to the real thing!

If you fancy getting involved, there’s still time, but don’t leave it too long – contact us on the form at the bottom of the page…

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