Climbing at Bennybeg

The weather forecast wasn’t looking very promising for climbing when we met up on Monday lunchtime – it was raining in Glasgow, and forecast to continue for a lot of the afternoon. However, we had a look at some of the options a bit further afield and realised that we might catch some good weather if we went north, so Bennybeg, near Crieff, looked like a good option.

Bennybeg is a great wee south facing crag, which dries quickly on a warm day. The rock here is Dolerite, which is pretty common in Central Scotland, but it’s steeper than usual here, and doesn’t give much in the way of reassuring handholds – it’s probably not an ideal crag for first timers, but as today’s group have all been climbing a few times, this would be a good opportunity for them to concentrate on good footwork and positioning, which makes a big difference at this crag.

It’s a popular place, and can often be pretty busy with groups, but we had the place all to ourselves for the afternoon, and we made good use of the opportunity, with people warming up on a ‘Bill and Benny the Flower Pot Men‘, then tackling ‘Benny and the Banshees‘. We then moved over to the far side of the crag and upped the challenge again on ‘The Beg Issue’ which is a rather longer climb, before practicing an abseil down the far end of the crag.

We did catch a couple of showers during the afternoon, but there was enough sun to keep everything warm, dry and very climeable. Great afternoon out, and we’re looking forward to more opportunities to use our new climbing kit over the summer!